Tenerife Lanzarote Combined Circuit



Specialists in group travel, especially for seniors, we have concocted for you a circuit combining Tenerife and Lanzarote…. our greatest success!

What for?

Because many of you think that the Canary Islands are only in Tenerife. Outside the archipelago is made up of 7 islands and a few islets.

Tenerife has become the best known, thanks in part to the airlines that edvled the destination more easily.

It is the majestic island, dominated by the Teide, the highest peak in Spain and the third largest volcano in the world. It has a different landscape from north to south, with its mountains, banana groves, colourful colonial houses, small villages…

Unlike her, Lanzarote is an island that has remained on the fringes of mass tourism. Its landscape is identical from north to south, because it is very small and they are only craters. All the houses are the same, which makes all its charm! You won't find tall buildings or concrete hotels… only volcanoes, vineyards, palm trees…. and the ocean.

In a week or 10 days, our programs, both for groups and individuals, offer you the almost complete discovery of these two similar but at the same time different islands.


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